Many gases in the industrial production process make modern industry face major problems in safety production and environmental protection. Industrial gases are indispensable production materials in the fields of electrical insulation, metal processing, and electronic manufacturing. Some gases are highly toxic, and once leaked, they will cause harm to human...

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As one of the leading supplier of sensing solutions, Winsen has recently launched a new refrigerant sensor, MH-Z1542B-R32 Refrigerant Sensor Module. MH-Z1542B refrigerant (R32) sensor is a smart infrared type sensor, using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect the existence of refrigerant, with good selectivity and non-oxygen dependent. It is...

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Two types of brand new laser methane sensors will be launched on March 15th, 2023 by Winsen Electronics. Updated technology, increased detection strength from Winsen! Methane CH4 is a harmful greenhouse gas that can be found in a variety of environments, including natural gas pipelines, underground storage tanks, and landfill...

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