MH-Z19C has better consistency and performance than MH-Z19B, and can directly replace MH-Z19B.

1. MH-Z19C has one window to receive CO2 gas, while MH-Z19B has two windows. 2. Sampling period for MH-Z19C is 1 second, while MH-Z19B is 5 seconds. 3. Power supply for MH-Z19C is (5+/-0.1)V, while MH-Z19B is 4.5~5.5V. 4. MH-Z19C has analog output, while MH-Z19B does not have。5. Preheat time for MH-Z19C is 2.5mins, while for MH-Z19B is 1 min.6. MH-Z19C default auto-calibration cycle is 1 day, but you can choose 7-day cycle if necessary. While MH-Z19B is 1 day.Genernally, MH-Z19C has better consistency and performance than MH-Z19B, and can directly replace MH-Z19B. They share same size and price.

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With the advent of PID technical specifications, industrial park VOCs monitoring will have rules to follow.with the progress of sensor and big data technology, industrial production has gradually become intelligent and refined, and there are more efficient and scientific solutions to the safety problems in industrial production

With the advent of PID technical specifications, industrial park VOCs monitoring will have rules to follow. In order to enhance synergistic efficiency of pollution reduction & carbon reduction and further fight the battle of pollution prevention and control, the Jiangsu Provincial government issued the Notice on Implementing Fscal Policies Related to...

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Which principle of sensor is suitable for combustible gas detection

As the main energy in production and life, combustible gas can be seen everywhere in industrial production and daily life. Common flammable gases include hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, propane, ethylene and hydrogen sulfide, etc. Moreover, many combustible gases themselves are toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine, etc....

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