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Carbon Dioxide DetectionCarbon Dioxide(CO2) Detection

2pcs Winsen MH-Z19C/Z19D/Z16/Z19E/Z14A/Z14B CO2 sensor series

Feature:High sensitivity, Low power consumption, Good stability, Temperature compensation, excellent linear output, Multiple output modes: UART, PWM, Long lifespan, Anti-water vapor interference, resistance to poison
BEST SELLING PRODUCTSCarbon Dioxide Detection

2 pcs MH-Z16 Infrared CO2 Gas Sensor Dual-channel carbon dioxide sensor

Application:animal husbandry production,educational instruments,HVAC equipmentFeature:High sensitivity, Low power consumption,Good stability,Output method: UART, PWM &etc
$73.00 $70.00
Carbon Dioxide DetectionCarbon Dioxide(CO2) Detection

2pcs MH-410D/MH-411D NDIR Infrared CO2 Sensor

Application:Widely used for HVAC refrigeration,Industrial-process control and safety protection,Agriculture and animal husbandry.Feature:High sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption, Fast response time