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Other Sensor & ModulesPID Sensor & Module

1pc Winsen Photoionization PID Sensor 4R-PID VOC Sensor

Application:Emergency Response, Industrial Hygiene, Personal Safety, Detection of VOCs, Environmental Quality Monitoring, Oil and Petrochemical Safety, Soil Pollution ManagementFeature:High sensitivity,Wide detection range,Fast response time,Reliable stability,Long service life,World leading technology
$550.86 $450.00
Other Sensor & ModulesThermopile sensor

10 pcs MRT511/MRT311 Thermopile Temperature Sensor

Application:Non-contact temperature measuring,Human presence detection...Feature:TO-46 metal package,High sensitivity,Quick response, Good stability,High filter transmittance,High precision NTC
Other Sensor & ModulesSafety Alarm

10 pcs Winsen MRTD-3011 Digital Thermopile Temperature Sensor

Application:Non-contact temperature measuring,Infrared thermometer, such as ear temperature and forehead temperature measurementFeature:TO-39 metal package, small viewing angle;I2C output with internal temperature compensation;Signal sampling speed settable;adjustable 16-step speed (0.02Hz~2KHz);
$50.00 $38.00