Lithium-ion cells have the features of highest energy density, low self discharge rate, long life, light weight,and environment friendly, and are widely used for many consumer products and energy storage, from electric vehicles to energy power storage station. However, people are also terrified with the spontaneous combustion and explosion of...

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There are two main types of gas monitoring in air pollution control. The traditional industrial chain records gas data through sensors, collects the data through manual scanning and completes the monitoring. The gas monitoring industry chain based on the Internet of Things monitors through sensors, uses Bluetooth NB-loT, Zigbee, GPRS...

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Fire is a burning phenomenon in air or oxygen, emitting heat, smoke. According to its characteristics, the flame can be divided into premixed flame and diffusion flame. The fuel and oxides of the premixed flame are fully mixed before the combustion reaction, and the combustion speed is constant, which can...

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