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Carbon Dioxide DetectionCarbon Dioxide(CO2) Detection

10 pcs MG-812 Low Power-Consumption CO2 Sensor

Application:CO2 detection in air quality control, ferment process control and green house fields.Feature:Small sizes, low power-consumption, high sensitivity and good selectivity.
$90.94 $77.30
Environmental HealthParticulate Matter Detection

5 pcs Winsen ZPH04 Particles Sensor PM2.5 Sensor

Application:Air Purifier,Air Refresher,Civil and Commercial AC,HVAC System,AC System,Smoke Alarm SystemFeature:Good Stability for long time,Easy to install and use,Interface output is multiple
$26.00 $22.00
Environmental HealthVOC Detection

10pcs Winsen ZP01-MP503 Air-Quality Detection Module

Application:Air cleaner, fresh-air system, intelligent integrated ceiling, air quality monitor, ventilator, air-condition.Feature:High sensitivity and good long-term stability,Calibrated before shipment
$27.56 $23.43
Environmental HealthVOC Detection

10pcs Winsen MP801 Air-Quality Gas Sensor

Application:It is used in occasions such as household and office for harmful gas detection, automatic exhaust device, air cleaner etc.Feature:High sensitivity to benzene,toluene,alcohol, smoke;
$27.56 $23.43
Environmental HealthOzone Detection

2 pcs Winsen ZQ02-O3 Ozone Module

Application:Development for household ozone alarm device.Feature:Mini size&Quick response
$50.00 $43.00

10 pcs MQ135 Semiconductor Sensor for Air Quality

Detection Gas: ammonia, sulfide, benzene series steamDetection Range: 10~1000ppm( ammonia gas, toluene, Hydrogen, smoke)Application: IAQ Monitor, Domestic gas alarm
$19.64 $16.69
BEST SELLING PRODUCTSCarbon Dioxide Detection

2 pcs MH-Z19B ndir CO2 sensor for indoor air quality monitoring

Target gas: Carbon DioxideRange: CO2(400-2000ppm/400-5000ppm)Application: HVAC,building ventilation system, indoor air quality monitoring system
$68.31 $58.06
Alcohol DetectionEnvironmental Health

10 pcs Winsen ZM03 Digital MEMS alcohol sensor module

Application:Portable instrument,Industrial and mining safety,medical hygieneFeature:MEMS technology,Ultra-low power consumption,Fast response and resume
$79.62 $67.68
Environmental HealthVOC Detection

10 pcs ZM01 MEMS VOC Gas Sensor Module

Application:Environmental monitoring,Portable device,Health care,Site controlFeature:MEMS technology,Stable and strong structure,Low power consumption,High sensitivity
$79.62 $67.68
Environmental HealthVOC Detection

10 pcs GM-502B MEMS VOC Gas Sensor

Application:Gas leak detection for mobile phones, computers and other consumer electronics applications, also for breathing gas detection control, smoke alarm indoor etc.Feature:MEMS technology, Strong construction,Small sizes and low power consumption,Fast...
Alcohol DetectionEnvironmental Health

10 pcs GM-302B MEMS Alcohol Gas Sensor

Application:Applicable to the ethanol vapor of the place where the consumer electronics products such as mobile phones and computers are used for testing; also suitable for drink supervision to motorists...
$34.35 $29.20
Alcohol DetectionEnvironmental Health

5pcs ME2-C2H5OH-Ф16 Alcohol sensor

Application:Widely used for public traffic ,environmental protection alcohol detection.Feature:Low consumption,High precision,High sensitivity,Wide linear range
$124.89 $106.16