Covering indoor CO2, particulate matter(PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10), formaldehyde, VOC and T&H sensor and module, can be used for air quality detector, air purifier, fresh air system and smart home equipment.
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BEST SELLING PRODUCTSCarbon Dioxide Detection

2 pcs MH-Z19C NDIR CO2 Module

Application:Chamber is gold plated,High sensitivity, low power consumption,Good stability,Long lifespan Feature:High sensitivity, Low power consumption,Good stability,Temperature compensation, excellent linear output
2 pcs ZE27-O3 Ozone Detection Module 2 pcs ZE27-O3 Ozone Detection Module
Environmental HealthIAQ Detection Module/Monitor

2 pcs ZE27-O3 Ozone Detection Module

Application:Portable detector, air-quality monitor device, Ozone disinfection cabinet, smart home device &etc.Advantage:High sensitivity & resolution& Good stability,Extremely low power consumption,UART output way ,High stability, excellent anti-interference ability,Temperature compensation,Excellent linear output
2 pcs ZE15-CO Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Gas Module
Carbon Monoxide DetectionCarbon Monoxide(CO) Detection

2 pcs ZE15-CO Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Gas Module

Detection gas:Carbon Monoxide(CO gas)Application:Household CO alarm gas, smart home devices.Feature:High sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption, long lifespan Supply UART, analog voltage signal output ways
Environmental HealthIAQ Detection Module/Monitor

5 pcs ZH06 Particulate Matter Laser Sensor Module

Application:Air purifiers,Ventilation systems,Portable instrumentFeature:Small size,Good consistency,Real time response;