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Environmental HealthParticulate Matter Detection

5 pcs ZPH03 Particles Sensor

Application:Air purifier,Portable Instrumentation,HVAC system,Air conditionerFeature:Good Stability for Long Time,Low Consumption,Good Anti-interference Performance
$26.00 $22.00
Alcohol DetectionEnvironmental Health

5pcs ME2-C2H5OH-Ф16 Alcohol sensor

Application:Widely used for public traffic ,environmental protection alcohol detection.Feature:Low consumption,High precision,High sensitivity,Wide linear range
$124.89 $106.16
Environmental HealthOzone Detection

5pcs MQ131 Ozone Gas Sensor

Application:It is widely used in domestic ozone concentration alarm, industrial ozone concentration alarm and portable ozone concentration detector.Feature:It has good sensitivity to ozone in wide range, and has advantages such...
$90.94 $77.30
Accessories & Others

Freight cost supplemented Additional Payment for Gas Sensor/ Modules Order from Winsen

*******Please order according to the actual need for additional freight*****​For more Winsen gas sensors / modules, please contact customer service staff or leave messages for price and to place an...
Combustible Gas DetectionIndustrial & Mining

MH-742B Combustible Gas Sensor

Application:​Widely used for industrial field instrumentation, industrial-process control and safety protection.Feature:High sensitivity, high resolution,low power consumption,Output method: IIC, analog voltage signal, etc.
$339.93 $288.94
Industrial & MiningIndustrial Gas Detection

ZCE04B 4-in-1 Industrial Gas Detection Module

Application:It can be used in the environment of factory gas leakage, underground operation, tunnel detection, coal mine detection and so on. It can be worn by human body or hand-held...
$163.37 $138.87
Industrial & MiningIndustrial Gas Detection

ZE12A Electrochemical Detection Module

Application:City atmospheric environmental monitoring , enterprise environment monitoring, Factory area unorganized emission monitoringFeature:High sensitivity & resolution,Low power consumption & long working life
$407.84 $346.66